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Martina Hingis Short Bio, Tennis Playing Pics

Martina Hingis was not only one of the best tennis players ever, but also one of the beautiest female tennis player ever appeared in tennis court and and won five Grand Slam singles titles overall.She was smaller than most of the leading other female tennis players, and demonstrated a variety of techniques to clench the single and doubles titles. She was the world no:1 for 209 consecutive weeks.

At the age of 12, Hingis became the youngest junior French Open champion in the history of that event, she won again the same title the next year also. She started her professional career in 1994 and became the world no:1 in 1997. Due to various injuries she was forced to withdraw from professional tennis. After that she tried a various comebacks, but ultimately decided to retire in 2007 after testing positive for a cocaine test. This was her second retirement, the first one was in 2003. But she will remain in our minds with her beautiful face and variety tennis play styles.

Martina Hingis showed in her induction to the International Tennis Hall of Fame this July 2013 that she has still got more tennis to play. As she recently announced that she will come to play for the doubles on WTA championship. Hingis played a winning game for the Kastles against Lobsters.

And now Martina Hingis is back and this time on doubles. After playing with various partners, she joined with Indian player Sania Mirza. They won their very first tournament at Indian Wells, California. They are still continuing their journey with wins and loss and we wish best wishes for your future games Martina.
International Tennis Hall of Fame this month
International Tennis Hall of Fame this month
International Tennis Hall of Fame this month
International Tennis Hall of Fame this month

Martina Tennis Pics 

Sania Mirza Martina Hingis

Monday, 25 May 2009

Martina Hingis Photo Gallery

Martina Hingis video with music by Craig David's Unbelievable.

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