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Sam Asghari is an Iranian-born Actor, model, and Personal trainer, currently based in the United States. Though he is very successful in his career, still, he is popularly known for being the boyfriend turned husband of the famous American singer Britney Spears. As of 2021, Sam Asghari has a net worth of around $1 Million.

On September 12, Britney Spears posted a video filming herself, wearing an engagement ring, and announced that Britney and Sam got engaged. Soon after the couple’s announcement, People’s attention has turned on Sam’s career and net worth.

Let’s find out, what’s Sam Asghari Net Worth is, What did he do for a living, Early Life, and more.

How Rich is Sam Asghari?

Not to mention, Being a millionaire having more than $1 Million worth of wealth is sufficient to lead a lavish lifestyle.

Net Worth: $1 Million
Name : Sami Asghari
Country : Iran
Age : 27 Years
Income : $250K+ (per year)
Last Updated : 2021

Wealth Growth

Sam Asghari wasn’t born having a golden spoon. To reach his current success, he has worked hard over the years. It has been seen that over the recent years, his net worth has increased exceptionally.

Have a look at his estimated last 5 years net worth growth.

Net Worth in 2021 $1 Million
Net Worth in 2020 $900,000
Net Worth in 2019 $800,000
Net Worth in 2018 $700,000
Net Worth in 2017 $500,000

Income Source

Now you know that how much Sam Asghari actually worth. Now, you may wonder how does he earn money for a living. As described earlier, Sam is a personal trainer.

The majority of his income comes from his profession of Personal Trainer. Sam runs a members-only fitness program, named Asghari Fitness, where he along with the team manages the client’s diet plans by offering personalized diet plans and personalized workout plans.

The cost of his program is $9 per week. Meanwhile, he gets $36 per month from a client. Moreover, around $500 per client in a year. It is still unclear that how many people are part of his fitness program but more than 25K people follow his fitness program on Instagram. It is easy to guess the majority of the 25K people, have already enrolled in the program. Thus, he earns most of his income from his Fitness program.

Through, Fitness program covers the majority portion of his income streams, however, he doesn’t only earn from his Fitness program. Britney Spears Boyfriend Sam Asghari also is a professional actor and model, needless to mention that he earns a good chunk of money from acting too. Moreover, he has appeared in many movies over the years.

Besides, fitness trainer, he is also a celebrity and influencer, with over 2 million followers. In addition, he has promoted various brands through his social media, some notable names are Snow, 1st Phrom, and Others.

Early Life of Sam Asghari

Sam Asghari was born in Tehran, Iran in 1994. In addition, Sam celebrates his birthday on 4th March each year. Growing up in Iran, he was very interested in Football. Back then, he wanted to be a Football player.

In 2006, when he was only 12, his family moved to Los Angeles, United States. Talking about his parents, Sam’s father’s name is Mike Asghari and his mom is Fatima Asghari. He has raised up along with his three siblings. The followings are the name of Sam’s siblings, Maddy, Faye, and Ellie.

His father Mike Asghari was working as a driver in the United States. Thus, his family shifted to the United States to unite with his father, when Sam was 12.

Moving to his education, he has attended Westlake High School to complete his primary education. Later, he joined Pierce College located in Los Angeles to receive his graduation.

As mentioned above, since childhood, he was very active in Outdoor games, especially in Football. After moving to the United States, he continued his passion and he played football for the University of Nebraska in Lincoln in Lincoln, Nebraska. Later, because of a lot of personal reasons, he left sports.


Sam Asghari started his career as a Runway model back in 2010. Though he wasn’t much popular back then. It is also said that before entering the glamour world, he has worked in many professions, such as Nightclub Bouncer, Best buy clerk, and more.

In talks with Men’s Health, he shared that by the time 2013 came, he had become a lot fatter. As his diet was full of heavy Unhealthy food, including candy, sugar, no protein, a lot of carbs, etc.

However, with his determination, he managed to cut his extra fat and become lean as before. After his weight loss incident, he gradually built interest in Fitness. So he started Asghari Fitness, which helps people to become healthy. He continued his fitness trainer journey along with acting.

In 2016, he was hired for Britney Spears music video Slumber Party, where he was playing the character of Britney Spears boyfriend. Other than that he has also worked in various music videos, such as he has appeared in the music video of Fifth Harmony’s Work from Home.

In addition, he has also appeared in many tv shows, including Black Monday, HBO’s Hacks and The Family Business, and magazines like Muscle and Fitness.

Moreover, he played the role of Security Guard Russell in the tv drama NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service, which made him popular among the audience as an Actor.

Last year, he has played the role of Sam Asghari in the film, Unbelievable, a sci-fi comedy along with Snoop Dogg. Also, he has worked with brands like Toyota and Michael Costello.

Personal Life & Relationship with Britney Spears

The duo first met on the set of Slumber Party back in 2016, where Sam was hired for playing the role of Britney’s love interest in the music video. Who was thinking that the music video’s couple will become real-life husband and wife in just 5 years?

However, on the shooting set, they feel connected to each other, in addition, the couple shared their numbers with each other. Soon after exchanging the numbers, they started dating each other. In the first few months of their relationship, they were very quiet about their relationship. However, they have been spotted together in various events.

Later, in 2017’s New Year, Britney confesses about their relationship. Since then the couple are together and leading a healthy relationship.

In addition, over the last few months. Britney was talk of the town for the Conservatorship issue. Initially, the conservatorship instated by Britney Spears dad Jamie Spears has fundamentally reshaped the pop star’s finances back in 2008.

For a long time, Sam Asghari was quiet about the Conservatorship issue. However, In February 2021, he posted an Instagram story, where sam stated “In my opinion, Jamie Spears is a total d–k.” Later also started a movement to support Britney Spears, named #FreeBritney.

During the Hearing of Conservatorship, Britney told the Judge, “She wants to start a family with her love interest Sam Asghari.”

On September 12, 2021, Britney Spears declared that she is finally engaged with her long-time boyfriend Sam Asghari.

About Sam Asghari

Net Worth $1 Million
Name Sam Asghari
Age 27 Years
Height 6 feet 1 inch
Weight 198 Pounds
Profession Fitness Trainer
Date of Birth March 4, 1994
Birthplace Iran
Nationality American
Income $100K+ (per year)
Spouse Britney Spears

Sam Asghari Net Worth

As of 2021, the estimated net worth of Sam Asghari is around $1 Million, including his assets, money, and income. In contrast, his wife, Britney Spears’s net worth is around $60 million according to Forbes. His annual income is around $250,000.

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